P.C.L Health Lab

Lab technician is a Study of Certificate level in General Medical labrotary technician, a three-year duration course to produce Lab technician and has a clear vision of extension of other programs in the future. Lab technician is a middle level health care which can practice autonomously as a clinician lab technician in the Non- gazette 5th level through Public Service commission. They will work as an In-charge of the Labrotary established in Ilaka level in the community. So, they will accomplish their duty as a Lab manager and as a lab expert. During the academic duration students will have exposure to Clinical Lab Practice through Hospital Lab observation and duty as well as community exposure for the different test practical at Lab. Diagnostics plays prominent role in the field of Medicine. Without proper diagnosis, proper conclusions regarding Medical treatment/surgery can not be obtained. Similarly preparation of reagents of purest quality is also essential. Thus Medical Lab Technician Course is attaining importance. Clinical studies in the fields of Medicine, Pharamacutical Industries, Nutrition etc. also require the technicians.
Eligibility : 45% in the S.L.C.
Scholorship Entrance : In the month of Srawan
Full paying Entrance : In the month of Bhadra
Selection Criteria : 100% Entrance Basis
Question Pattern : Science-50 marks, English-50 marks, Math-50 marks. Total 150 marks.