P.C.L Staff Nurse

Nursing is highly prestigious ,training oriented world wide accepted,extermly demanded preventive and curative profession fromally started from the Florance Nitingles’ contribution on the particular field.It is an art for caring and healing the sick people.It can be found in any form of medicine care i.e. normal assistance in general ward to specific assistance in the operation theatre.
Nursing duties are dimensional and cover a wide range of functions, duties and responsibilities which depends on the level of qualification and the working environment in or outside of the country.
Eligibility : 45% in the S.L.C.
Scholorship Entrance : In the month of Srawan
Full paying Entrance : In the month of Bhadra
Selection Criteria : 100% Entrance Basis
Question Pattern : Science-50 marks, English-50 marks, Math-50 marks. Total 150 marks.